Why New Branch Life Coaching?

I specialize in working with adults who were raised by parents with mood or personality disorders. My clients are able to become the designer of their own lives as they develop the skills that allow them to live their dreams.


My transformational coaching is curated to each individual with full support and personalized content. Set up a time to speak to me for more details.

talk with Christine

You gave me a renewed belief in myself, and it wasn’t just knowing that you believed in me - you opened it up within me to believe in myself. You saw me in a way no one had before and brought things up for me I never thought about before. It made it easy to change my beliefs and create the life I wanted.

E. K.my life changed

Christine was AMAZING! I have been hitting overwhelm, burn out, and losing sight of what is really important. Christine used her magic to help me refocus, and helped me to redefine what "giving it my all" means. She also reminded me that I am in control of my time, and my time is valuable. Thank you Christine!

H. H.just wow

Thank you for an amazing session. You were calm and collected in the face of my disorganized moment. Thank you for helping to calm and centre me. You are an amazing coach.

D. O.Thank you!

“I went to Christine Crise to help me eat better and on a more regular basis. Although I have never had a “weight problem”, I have seemingly always had an unhealthy relationship with food. Over time, while working with Christine, she helped me come to the realization that my unhealthy relationship with food stems back to my early childhood. Christine went above and beyond to recognize and acknowledge the hurt and trauma that I had endured as a child. I had actually forgotten about this event (4 decades ago) that started my unhealthy relationship with food. It was only after Christine made me dig in deep and by her asking me the “right questions”, that it all clicked and finally made sense to me. Christine is continuing to support me both nutritionally and emotionally. For the first time in my life, I am excited to see where my journey takes me and to continue working with Christine. I know my eating habits and unhealthy relationship with food did not get this way overnight, and it will take time for me to invest in my mind, body and soul to get where I want to be. I know this is a journey, and I am extremely grateful to have Christine as my coach. I would highly recommend Christine for any Life/Health coaching you made need to help navigate throughout your journey in life. She is a truly amazing and talented coach who will cheer you on from the sidelines, pick you up and dust you off when you fall and will always help to put you back on the right path. I know that no matter what, Christine will be by my side, every step of the way!”

K. C.long-time client

I so appreciated Christine's natural ability to make me feel comfortable right from meeting her! I unexpectedly released an event from the day! She is very organized and an awesome coach!

M. K.Awesome!